History of District 98


At the stroke of the midnight hour when the world slept, a few excited members were cheering aloud. A baby District was born on July 1, 2015. The District slowly started walking on its feet and with support from the clubs and members aimed to achieve excellence. In the first year of its inception, District 98 excelled by achieving the President’s Distinguished District recognition. We were ranked ninth in the world. Under the leadership of its first District Director, DrBrillian S. K., DTM, District 98 made a mark in the world of Toastmasters.


The year after, Dr Chandra Shekar DP, DTM, led the District, as it grew and got stronger. The District achieved excellence once again when it reached President’s Distinguished District status once again and the ninth rank in the world. The team of officers and club members celebrated as we moved forward, growing at 13%.


Under the leadership of Arvind Nair, DTM the District saw a growth of 24%, and we achieved the status of President’s Distinguished District once again.


District 98 went through a roller coaster ride, yet emerged victorious under the leadership of Ravi Teja, DTM. It achieved Smedley Distinguished District recognition in the first year of the new recognition system.


The year after that, the District Team led by District Director Venkata Ramana Dittakavi thrived despite the challenges imposed by a global pandemic. The team successfully worked towards a transition to an online format to ensure that the District continued to serve its members.


The success of the District is due to the efforts of every single member in the District. As the circle nears completion, with the reformation process in place to split into three Districts by 2022. This year was led by District Director Niteash Agarwaal, DTM and we closed the year as a Distinguished District and second highest in terms of net growth of clubs.


In the final program year before the District underwent reform, paving the way for District 125 and District 126, history was made when Mukta Nadkar, DTM became the first female District Director to lead District 98, the second largest District globally. 


This is the year when several processes and teams were rebuilt as we underwent a reformation. This was also the year when the world was just coming out of the pandemic. As a reformed District 98, Sapna Ohri, DTM led the District to Select Distinguished.


The current program year is being led by Hardik Shah with the theme #BeyondTheDashboard.